Aerating your lawn



To get the best out of your lawn this summer you will need to keep on top of some basic practices: Mowing, strimming, feeding and watering.  The “Total garden treatment” can take the hassle out of all of these by taking advantage of our experienced team who will be pleased to take care of things on a weekly basis for you.


In addition to these weekly tasks you will also need to take care of a couple of annual ones as well. Aeration is a vital procedure to ensure your lawn gets the nutrients it deserves, by aerating your lawn you’re allowing your water to penetrate the ground more easily, improving your drainage and allowing more nutrients to be absorbed.


Aerating a lawn can be done using a fork to punch holes in the ground or by using a spike aerator or a hole aerator. Totals preferred method is using a puncture aerator, the more holes the merrier!  Puncturing about two to three inches deep and two to three inches apart, the aerator pulls out the grass plugs leaving a hole which increases drainage.


By aerating the lawn you will see the following benefits:


  • reduced surface compaction
  • encourages new root growth
  • reduces the buildup of thatch below the surface
  • improves the infiltration of water into the soil
  • important in creating good healthy soil
  • microbes also require oxygen that live in the root zone, microbes supply nutrients and without them you would not have a survivable landscape.


If you would like to talk to the Total team about scarifying your lawn and find out how we can help improve and look after your garden on one of our affordable packages then get in touch on 07575 766674 and we will be pleased to help.

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