Scarifying your lawn


Scarification is the removal of the build up of dead grass, moss and thatch in your lawn.  It is another vital annual task to ensure your lawn is kept healthy and beautiful.  Spring and summer are the ideal times to scarify your lawn. You need ideal conditions for growth meaning rain and sunshine and this time of year tends to be plentiful in both!

Before we scarify it is best to weed your lawn a week before although scarifying is a great way to stop new creeping weeds from arising. it’s always best to spray your grass a week before to get the best out of your lawn.


Before we scarify it’s best to mow your lawn as close as possible without scalping it,long grass creates resistance to the scarifier which can reduce the efficiency.  You can scarify your lawn with a lawn rake, but a sprung scarifier is always preferable.   


Scarification will have the follwing benefits:


  • Removes dead matter, moss and thatch
  • Improves drainage
  • Allows nutrients and light into the grass and roots

If you would like to talk to the Total team about scarifying your lawn and find out how we can help improve and look after your garden on one of our affordable packages then get in touch on 07575 766674 and we will be pleased to help.

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